Infiniti of Bloomington

In 2013 was released the new Super Luigi U for the Wii-U. This would make for the 4th title in which Luigi can carry a greater focus as the central character, the very first being Luigi’s Mansion for the Nintendo Gamecube. But this is a Mario game, as well, in many respects. Anyways, in this title, it seems Bowser’s most recent Koopaling invasion attempt has just resulted in a major failure, and being the persistent fool that he is, he will try once more…..

This time, he uses the very same strategy he used the last time and manages to invade the castle, and since Mario isn’t present at the time, he’s not able to abduct Mario and Luigi. This, of course, allows the heroes to fight back. This 2D side – stroller game rocks the stage like never before, and you get to play a lot more as Luigi!