Hudson Chevrolet

A special kiss from right under the very best mistletoe itself is one thing you can get when you choose to get creative this year around and do something for your wife or girlfriend that you have never, in fact, chosen to do before: Blindfold her properly — telling her that you plan to surprise her in only the best way ever imaginable, of course —and then bring her to us, and take off those blindfolds. Voila! You have decided to take her out to buy her a new car, from us! You can’t go wrong with that choice, now, can you? The answer is no.

Heck, you’ll probably get kissed, and that’s an understatement. You’ll likely get smooched all over and never forget it. You’ll never want to take a shower again.

Seriously, if you want to impress her, bring her over. We’ll help. We always do.