Types of breaks that you might experience from impact or stress damage that needs Delray Beach window repairs include:

•Bulls­eye Break: A small hole surrounded with concentric circles and a spiderweb type cracking that expands out from the center hole.

•Half-moon Break: Looks like a half a circle bulls­eye break and is generally caused by an impact that has occurred at a fairly steep and strong angle.

•Star Break: Resembles a star in basic shape and typically has two or more longer cracks radiating out from the center point of impact.

•Combination Break: Is any break in the auto glass that shares similarities with multiple break types.

•Crack: Thin line that starts in the surface layer of the glass and can quickly grow and compromise the strength and integrity of the entire windshield.

With these points in mind, you can help protect your car from damage and ensure the safety and integrity of your auto glass. Contact an auto expert from Bloomington Hyundai today to learn more!