Inver Grove Kia

Next up, it appears fans of Super Mario Land couldn’t get enough. That’s always a good sign, and probably the reason for why there’s Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, released just in 1992, not to long after its original prequel. This was notably one of the first titles to use the character, Wario; in fact, it was the very first. And thanks to its success as a game, Wario is now in many types of other Nintendo games. He is quite a villain / anti – hero when he wants to be.

In this particular game, you play throughout a world map overworld. And there’s 9 worlds at your disposal. Your challenge is to get through 72 unique levels within them using all kinds of added power – ups like the glorious Cape Feather. 12 levels and 4 worlds are yours to play in. Live up to your name, and beat the odds.