Honda has been well known for it’s compacts and fuel efficiency, but not everyone knows that the car company actually produced a pickup truck as well. The Ridgeline has been around for years but the 2019 version provides some of the best designs yet for the mid-line consumer truck. The first big bonus is the extended cab has been left untouched, providing lots of extra space for passengers. The ride is extremely Honda-esque, and very much unlike any kind of a standard pickup feel. This vehicle hugs the road the suspension is amazingly responsive. And in addition to all the truck bed space and interior room, there are lots of cabbie containers packed all over the vehicle, adding even more storage area for specific times (i.e. tools, food, equipment etc.). More importantly, the Ridgeline’s frame is extremely strong and won’t tweak in a minor fender-bender, like so many others cars do these days. To see the Ridgeline for yourself visit Mankato Honda for a test drive. You might end up buying one.