If you are interested in purchasing a Ford Fusion, you should consider spending the extra $400 or so to get remote access. This useful item gives you access to your vehicle without your keys, allowing you to unlock or even find your Focus using any Smartphone.

When purchasing a new Ford Fusion, you have to talk to your dealership to ensure that you get this option installed. It will be covered under your New Vehicle Warranty and is subject to whatever terms are included on it and decided on by you and your dealer.

Purchasing one allows you to install the app that not only lets you unlock, lock, start, and find your vehicle, but also includes alerts if it is under the threat of being stolen. The automatic alarm will go off if this is the case, protecting your car and alerting you of the danger. If interested in this item, please don’t hesitate to come on down to Luther Family Ford to talk about remote access on your Ford Fusion.