Many people are confused when it comes to the difference between All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD). All they know is that both drive systems help when driving in the snow. This is true, but the main difference is that when a vehicle loses traction,  4WD doesn’t “care” which tires are spinning and which still have traction, it sends torque (power) to each of a vehicle’s four wheels indiscriminately. AWD, on the other hand differentiates between which tires have traction and which do not, sending power only to the wheels that are still gripping the road and withdrawing it from the ones that have lost traction. Once the vehicle gets going, it goes back to business as usual.

Subaru is known for its seamless AWD.  A Subaru detects a spinning wheel in one revolution which is less time than it takes to blink an eye. Perhaps this is why White Bear Subaru sells so many Foresters, Crosstreks, Outlooks,  Imprezas, and Legacies.